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A bathroom is a place where women dress to kill. And men? Well, just as well. Let’s be honest, Gentleman. Although we do not admit that, who does not enjoy a relaxing bath after a long day at work? And who does not like the look of admiration from one’s Lady when she sees a carefully taken care of moustache? Exactly. And let’s be honest, Ladies. Yes. We spend hours in bathrooms. Why not? This is what they are for.

Nevertheless, a useful bathroom needs to be well made. And here is where we come up. Classic or vanguard. Tempting or relaxing. According to your idea or our project.  Just how you imagine it. 

Polish or exotic wood, veneers, MDF or laminates are the fabrics we use in bathrooms. We recommend tops made in stone or synthetic fabrics (RAUSOLID, STARON, CORIAN).