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If it wasn’t for a closet, there would be neither a lion nor a witch. C.S. Lewis wouldn’t write and Andrew Adamson wouldn’t shoot ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’. If there was no closet, the city of Gdansk would have nothing to become famous of.  If there wasn’t a closet, many other’s-wife seducers would pass away in distressing circumstances (married Gentleman, cross the last one out). We could guess like this for hours.

There has to be a closet. Built-in or separate, with hinged, sliding, folding or folding-hinged doors – just as you need.

The fronts of our closets are made in laminates, veneers, MDF, wood, rattan, bamboo, glass, mirror or anything else available on the market which suits you best. The doors of our closets and wardrobes slide on the aluminum system of SEVROLL company, whereas folding-hinged doors and unusual solutions are made basing on the HETTICH company’s system.