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Who does not remember the breathtaking first moments after entering a grandfather’s library?

Dark, discreet but tasteful decorated furniture, bending in a pleasant dusk under the weight of bloated volumes… Or maybe something modern? Light, spacious constructions creating a perfect background for the latest trends in publishing? Or professional: bright and clear, just so every needed document is easily visible and in the right place. Or maybe something even different…?

Whatever your need may be, we are ready to adjust your library accordingly. We will make sure it fits to the other rooms of your house, flat or office or, if you will, we will endow it with unique, expressive features. Pilasters, rosettes, crowning and decorative laths, rolling posts – these are only a few elements we use while designing and making a library. Just so that according to the need, it can be either a place to relax or a space of intense, creative work.